Monday, October 27, 2008

Kayliwulf Kingdom Hallowe'en : Bipolar Disorder

A fun spooky orange and black number for Hallowe'en, I'm telling you about it in advance, so you can run to the store, buy it, and win all the "best fetish Hallowe'en outfit" contests!

The bipolar part is of course the comedy and tragedy masks, humorously drawn on each boobie. If you have pumpkins there instead of itty-bitty-titty-committee entries like mine, I suppose the faces look better.

The corset is the recent "chrome" design, and the detail is as good as it gets, on both the front straps with chrome side panels and the back lacing.

The outfit comes with contrasting orange straps on the black gloves and boots. I think they look terrific on the legs, but you may find them a bit overwhelming on the arms.

Every bit of chrome on this outfit will bling if you let it ;) A menu is available by clicking the foot of the boot, to turn off bling and turn on heel sound and sexy walk. Um, that's what *I* do with it. You turn everything on or off that you want.

And to stay with the festivities, I'm also showing you the Latex Witches' Hat, from Kayliwulf's Black Magic ensemble. Once again, bling in the hat buckle is controlled from the boots - took a moment to figure that one out.

Happy Hallowe'en!

As i'm from Europe this whole Hallowe'en thing is a bit over my head, not sure where this obsession with pumpkins, spiders and witches comes from. So i'll keep to the basics.

Being Dutch the color choice is great, orange is our national color, so that's a great start. *smiles*

The corset looks good, the lacing is great and i love the little prim tie. The reflection on the top of the corset gives it some depth, only pity is they didn't repeat that depth effect on the bottom of the corset.

The catsuit is the standard high quality latex you would expect from KK, the two "face" on the breasts are nice and i'm amazed Laz didn't make them see trough which would be more in line with his nipple obsession *winks*

The witches hat is a pritty amazing piece of prim controle as the main part of the hat is made of one prim, bend into an amazing shape. The belt finishes an amazing piece of clothing.

i wish all of you in the Americas a wonderful Hallowe'en, and i hope to party along with you. *smiles*

Name : Kayliwulf Kingdom
Owner : Lazarus Luan & Daphne Goodnight


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