Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This is the place for hypnosis, mind-control, and doll/mannequin/gynoid enthusiasts of all kinds.

Floating in mid-air, a huge red and gold geometric construct... you'll have to zoom way out to see it all at once.

At the heart of the central platform, a sphere of glowing, soothing lights catches your eye.. and holds it, if you're a hypnosis fan.

This is a community center. A board points to groups, web sites, and all sorts of related information. You can meet people who share your interests, and if they're not lost in the ball of lights yet, you can chat with them ;)

Hmmm Hypnodolls.... where to begin on this one, well first of all it's the shop for the hypnotron and it's scripts, though this is craftily hidden by the way the place is build.

The ever growing collection of hypno scripts is located on the lower floor and the hypnotron's are located on razed platforms in the corners of the main floor, some demo machines are located on the upper floor.

The hypnotron works with a whirling graphic occupying your whole screen, that focuses you on the center of the screen, there you will see a text that guides you into a trance, programs you and takes you back out of the trance. Some scripts all so have some great pictures in them.

The idea behind the machine is quite good, and judging by the ever growing amount of scripts, there is quite a market for it. I won't go into the discussion if it really works, i leave that to you, there are a couple of demo machines so give them a go.

Have a look at the scripts on the lower floor, you'll be amazed by the selection they have, something for most fetishes.

Name : Hypnodolls
Owner : Liriel Saarinen

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