Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Badkatz: Leashkat

LeashKat is a great catsuit by Badkatz designer Yummy Freelunch. It's one of the first pieces I got from her, way back when, and certainly not the last.

The amazing textures on the front are simply the best use of photography to make clothing that I've seen in Second Life. The straps, the studs, the leather folds on the arms.. all awesome.

There is almost no need for accessories; just put on some good boots and you're set.

Once you're done admiring the front, you'll notice the daring bare back - see, I wore my hair up for you guys. You just have to show off that dramatic central strap.

The store has gone through several incarnations, always improving. The current layout is terrific, things are easy to find, and new arrivals clearly indicated. Drop by and tell Yummy Deirdre sent you ;)

The first thing you notice about this outfit is the wonderful texture of the top.

The second thing you notice is that this amazing texture isn't continued on the pants, which are rather plain looking.

The belts, or leashes if you go by the name of the outfit, look great, though somehow they miss depth, i guess we have been seeing to many prim belts lately.

This outfit would be one of the top outfit's in SL, if Yummy had put the same care and attention into the texture of the sleeves and pant legs, as she did to the texture of the top.

This is a real budget bargain, with these prices you can really fill your wardrobe with nice clothing. *smiles*

Name : Badkatz
Owner : Yummy Freelunch


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