Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Maison Broceliande - Armbinder

The latest bondage toy from Maison Broceliande, a lovely and detailed arm binder covered in zips, straps and buckles.. hey, like half my wardrobe! ;)

Yhis was kind enough to demonstrate the multiple chain : she hitched up three girls and pulled them around with one leash. This may not be something you need to do every day, but it looks pretty amazing.

A note for taller girls: you may need to shorten your arms for the binder to fit.

Make a copy of your shape with different arms if you want to save time, and switch between them. Took lelo all of 30 seconds.

Since this is a brand new item, here's a link to the flyer if you want more detailed info (like the price)

The MB armbinder is a thing of beauty, showing Yhis' talent for realistic bondage gear, and it's good to see that the scripting is getting better and better.

With the set you get the armbinder, a hitching post, a wall ring, a hitch column and a leash holder, all of them of good quality.

The hitching points are all copy so you can put them all over SL, and use them to hitch your subs to them.

As you would expect from a brand new bondage item, it is Restrained Life compatible, supports multiple owners and uses the real chain function.

A MB specialty is the seqchain option making it possible to make a chain of subs.

Another thing i like about the MB script is the fact that you can leash a sub everywhere and that s/he stays hitched even after a re-log.

Finally the armbinder offers many functions you might expect from a collar, like poses, prefix and channels for chat commands.

Maison Broceliande has firmly taken it's place in the short list of great bondage gear suppliers in SL, at least that's my humble opinion.

A true must have for every bondage dolly in SL.

Name : Maison Broceliande
Owner : Yhis Khorana


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