Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fancy Fashion: Alicia ankle boots

As usual, seeing someone wearing boots by Sean Taurog brought me to the store, and I just had to have those ankle boots.

The length is just perfect.. it's so eighties that it begs for big hair, padded shoulders and designer jeans.

The texture is gorgeous. You see great patent or PVC reflections... once you lighten it in Photoshop ;) Seriously, the boots just need to be a touch lighter to be stunning.

The last two pics in this post lightened in Photoshop for demonstration purposes.

(A designer was just telling me recently that textures don't look the same on prims as on simple clothing... This could be an example of the difference.)

The heel click sound is external, which can be good if you still have spots to attach it... I'm running out ;)

Positioning the shaft took a bit of doing.. I found that lowering it a fair bit avoided an unpleasant "ball-joint" effect. (All prim boots share that problem, though.) The seam on the out side of the heel will help you find the intended position.

All that being said, this is a gorgeous boot, and I love it.

The Alicia boots are very nice looking 80's ankle boots.

The prim work on them is very good, especially the belts are very nicely done and look like the real deal. There is just one small thing wrong with them, the buckle is pointing in the wrong direction. The pin should point away from the end of the belt.

The lacing is of a high quality and must have taken quite some time to get right, the high lights on the laces work great.

The heels look good as well, can't remember seeing a reflection on a heel like that, though somehow the arch of the boot seems a bit off.

The invisi prim is just a bit to long which shows by cutting the leg of just a bit above the boot, funny effect...

These boots show great promise, and with some work they could rival the Bax boots.

Name : Fancy Fashion
Owner : Sean Taurog
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Gigli%20Sunset/164/185/22


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