Wednesday, November 19, 2008

KDC : deluxe head harness

A fun bondage harness from KDC, with lots and lots of straps and buckles. This is more a bondage toy and less pony gear - no red felt under the straps, and not quite the look of tack.

The shape is very nice, and I like how all the straps tie to the around-the-ear piece and curve around the head.

Good fit all around except the rear vertical strap, which digs into lelo's head when we make the harness tight.

The gag forces the mouth open, which as I've mentioned before, I also like a lot.

We had trouble recently shooting some prim items - they vanished from sight when we zoomed in. Today's new server deployment fixed that.. just in time for this shoot. So thank you Lindens from all of us fetish photographers ;)

This was one of first toys, with the harness come a ball gag, a ring gag and a blindfold, there is an extra optional pony kit, but as you might know i went for the KDC bridle and not the kit.

The biggest missing option with this kit is the absents of some scripting in the harness, so in the end it's purely decoration, decoration i love to wear but one of these days i'll have to write some script for this one. Anyone have a nice locking sound they aren't using? *winks*

The buckles are very plain as is the texture but than i think this is a rather old design from Kyrah, but i hope she will consider updating it with some better buckles and texture.

I love the way the snap fastener look on the harness when the attachments aren't used, and the blindfold and gags match the fasteners without much fuss.

All in all this harness has grown on my, i've seen ones with scripting, better buckles, better texture... still i love this harness, it has become a part of me i guess.

Name : KDC
Owner : Kyrah Abattoir


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