Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jaqueline Fashion : Latexia black set

What first caught my eye in this outfit was the gorgeous prim mask, of course. And for a leather goddess, I seem to be spending a lot of time in latex. Oh, well.. I'm nothing if not open-minded.

(Out of the box, the mask attaches to your left ear, you may want to change that to your nose before you spend a lot of time adjusting the position... like I did.)

This is a complete outfit with a fair bit of variety, and a few fun splashes of red. Two different tops, two pairs of pants, plus a skirt, gloves and undies along with the mask.. add shoes and you're dressed for any fetish party.

The first top has a rather large chest opening highlighted in red, and a cute little Venus symbol. The second top is the same with two slender crossing straps.

The pants have daring holes on the tush.. either open, or covered up in red. I'm not sure I totally love it either way, but you have to take risks sometimes.

I loved the large, airy store, and found it easy to navigate. A mezzanine floor lets you look at much of the contents at a glance. Note that latex is definitely not Jaqueline's only line. I'll be back to look more closely at the leather ;)

Mistress just can't help herself when she sees a good looking mask, she just needs to get it *smiles*

In this case the mask is a single sculpted prim. Pretty amazing work, though it has a few little drawbacks. For one the nose part is a bit long and secondly SL can't really handle these sculpties which makes the sides look inverted when you look closely

The top looks great, and the skirt has some nice reflections. As usual with skirts in SL, it makes your butt stick out, but then i guess most girls around SL already have a extra butt-less skirt shape.

There is one thing that puzzles us about the skirt, why would a no trans object be no mod, some adjustments to this skirt would make life a lot easier.

The one thing that really makes this outfit are the folds under the knees and on the arms, looks good, giving it the feeling of loose fitting latex.

The holes in the pants are daring and fun, but not for everyone. A third version of pants with no holes might make this outfit accessible to more buyers.

Name : Jaqueline Fashion
Owner : Jaqueline Beaumont


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