Friday, November 21, 2008

Perversion Island : Introduction

We're kicking off a new series of posts today, which will run every Friday for quite a while.

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You'll remember that we already spoke about Bound and Determined, the play and social spot owned by Kailani Ling.

When the sim under B&D went on sale, Kailani got concerned for her club, and decided to buy it, and devote the whole place to kink.

The concept is simple : a city with places for the most fetishes around, for now a rubber doll factory, a kennel and a sleazy motel are set up, but there is much more to come.

The really great thing about Perversion is the fact that Kailani is only setting up the layout of the city.

Each play area will be headed by someone who is in touch with the wishes of the community it's aimed at.

We will feature each play area, tell you what it offers and talk to the people who run it.

And if we find any special things in the stores we just might feature those as well *smiles*

Name : Perversion
Owner : Kailani Ling

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