Friday, November 14, 2008

Mesmerize Dungeon : Deluxe Latex Catsuit

I had a sudden impulse to spoil lelo, so I took her shopping. Mesmerize Dungeon is a neat place, techno-fetish style, I guess you'd say.

The hood looks very good, and we've looked at more than a few from other designers - most didn't look nice to me.

This catsuit is shiny in the right places, and comes with a built-in SPZ - Strategically Placed Zipper.

The perfect gift for the rubber doll who has everything : more rubber ;)

A new addition to my wardrobe cutesy of my Mistress.

This is a full body suit covering you from head to toe with thick shiny rubber, pity SL doesn't have smellovision. *winks*

The set contains both clothing layers, great for mixing and matching.

The hood has small holes for the eyes, mouth and two little nose holes, there is little to no skin shown, so you don't get another look from the skin.

The catsuit has some nicely placed zippers, a double sided one over the back and covering the crotch, two on the calf's to fit you boots under it and one on the back of the head.

The reflections are great and give the suit a rubbery look when you zoom in on the texture you get the feeling you can see things in the reflections.

The suit has some darker lines on it giving the impression of seams where the suit is fused together.

As a bonus you get a pair of platform boot, not really my taste, but a nice extra none the less.

A good base for every rubber doll's outfit... just add the lockable toys... well you get the drift.. *smiles*

Name : Mesmerize dungeon
Owner : Latexina Pinklady


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  1. The reason you get the feeling that you can see things in the reflections is that is because you can. She uses a real photograph of a landscape and then manipulates it into the texture, if you look hard at a good portion of her latex items (Latex Gasmask you can see it really well) you can see it is a landscape of some mountains with some trees in the foreground. Also if you look closely at the right butt cheek of the catsuit you can see a sun shining over some trees lol.