Thursday, November 13, 2008

NanoGunk : Catsuit, "Slinky Circles Blue"

This is one of my favorite catsuits, and it would be showing wear if there was such a thing in Second Life. I wear it as something to cover in good accessories, almost like a skin.

The reflections don't say latex to me.. more a spandex or PVC. The texture has a grain you can see up close, but just gives a great realistic feel from a distance.

The holes are a fun touch, and are certainly distinctive. No worries about running into someone wearing the same style as you, unless it's actually Nanogunk too ;)

Included with the basic catsuit are two transparent versions, one 50% visible and one 75% visible. They *are* fun, but you'll need the included panties and bra (or nipple covers) if you're not in an adult sim.

I love my shoulder gloves - either you're a leather goddess or you are *not* a leather goddess - but I had to edit appearance and shorten the catsuit sleeves so my gloves showed.. Deirdre's tip of the week for you ;)

Very good-looking catsuit, no visible lines where the bottom meets the top.

The texture is different from any i have seen on latex in SL, it's not as shiny as PoC's and when you zoom in it consists of little dots.

But the two things that make this catsuit stand out are the holes in the side of it and the nice little logo on the back.

This one is truly for the girls, as the reflections really focus on the breasts.

Name : NanoGunk
Owner : Robin Lobo


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