Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Minx Shoe Design : Boots, "Badass Babygirl"

Another excellent boot from Minx, Badass Babygirl is a platform knee boot with a skyscraper heel, lacing in front, and amazingly detailed buckled knee and ankle straps.

The heel sounds are controlled via a menu in the right heel, and are extremely convincing. I feel like I'm scuffing the floors everywhere I go when I have the steel heel sound on ;)

It's difficult to tell for sure, but I would guess the heels are 8" high, with a 2" platform. Which makes a killer six-inch heel that you wouldn't wear for any extended period in RL. Isn't Second Life great?

I could wish the boots were mod, I might reduce the calf a little. But it's a minor thing... I love my boots tight.

As I examined my boots for this article, I noticed the boots sink in the ground a bit... just enough to throw off the proportions of the platform when you stand.

If anyone is looking that closely at your boots, though, you should have a seat, relax, and let them kneel in front of you... because they probably want to lick them ;)

I love these boots, they have the highest heels and i *do* love high heels.

The boots have a nice platform, which is just right, not the stripper kind, just an elegant looking platform.

You just have to look at the way the belts around the ankle and just under the knee are buckled to understand that Nikki loves details.

Details like the little lashes to pull the boots up or the laces that move with every step.

I get the name of these boots, they really look badass and i guess being knee high makes them babygirl size.

And finally there is the sound they make, the steel scratching the floor sends shivers down my spine, as you might have noticed i really *do* love heels.

Still a woman wearing these boots sends only one message, "here comes trouble..."

And ohh i love that kind of trouble... *winks*

Name : Minx Shoe Design
Owner : Nikki Clayton


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