Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bax Coen Design - Ankle boots, patent red

Well they're red, they're gorgeous, and I just had to get lelo a pair. Here's her impressions :

As promised, we would inform you when the red patent version of the ankle boot would be available.

Well here it is in all its shiny redness.

I won't bore you with a copy of the post for the black boots, everything we said there goes for the red ones as well.

I'll tell you some more about the amazing menu and options these boots offer.

The first page gives you volume/sound control, color settings, top options and fitting/help.

The sound control even lets you adjust your step speed too, talking about attention to detail.

The color settings opens more pages of choices, giving you control of the colors for you boots heels, top, tip, laces and eyelets.

With the heels you can color the 4 different prim parts, metal (gold/silver), black, white and shoe main (red) and preset, but you can customize your own color.

Luckily there is a reset button for the colors when you made a real mess of them.

For the top you have an option for fur or lace, and as mentioned before you can color them anyway you like.

Finally there it the fitting and help, the auto fit option re sizes the boot to your current AV height, great option.

The help file comes in English, German, French and Spanish, truly international.

One final word on the menu, with the amount of options it's good that the menu doesn't have a time out, you could lose yourself in it.

Now get your own and start customizing them *smiles*

PS. one thing i missed in the menu's is the option to change the color of the boot itself, there are 3 lovely shades of red.
Look for it, it's in the menu *smiles*

Name : Bax Coen Design
Owner : Bax Coen


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