Tuesday, February 17, 2009

AJ's Gloves, Open Collar scripted

You missed...

Inflatable bondage mittens are not that common, so it's fun to find this scripted set. We covered some by SbL a while back, in bright pink.

The script is Open Collar, the open source effort, used just as intended : in things for which it wasn't intended ;)

We played around with the leash options - the mittens will rez a post to leash your rubber doll to, but oddly, the link point isn't the pretty little ring at the end of the ball, but the padlock.

The price is a bit high, but it is a neat toy.

Fun little gloves by AmandaJule, the design is simple but good, the locks are very nicely done.

The gloves use the Open Collar script with RLV support.

The script is the standard script mainly used for collars, it would have been nice if the script had been rewriten for the gloves.

Still it works fine and options as lock, leash and spy are very good.

Spy is for the more paranoid doll owners out there, it reports the wearers TP's, relays the sub's chat and who is close to the sub.

The badwords option is a great training option for your sub. If the sub says a "bad" word from the list the sub is put in a preset pose and can only resume a normale pose after saying the release words in chat.

In the RLV options you can set all the usual options, like no tp, no chat, no map, etc. etc.. ,you would want to use with RLV.

All in all a great add on for your doll, and with all the options in the script, the only RLV toy you'll need to equip your doll with.

Name : AJ's little shop of locks
Owner : AmandaJule Biedermann


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