Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kcreations; Latex Mother Superior and Novice

"When I find myself in times of trouble
"Mother Mary comes to me
"Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.
The Beatles, Let It Be

"That wimple doesn't do a thing for my face." "i think that's the point of it, Mistress"

My sweetie is wiser than I am, sometimes. If the virtues of piety, chastity and obedience appeal to you, here's a very nice latex outfit to practice them in ;)

The reflections on the back of the Mother Superior skirt are excellent.. I need more skirts like that.

This outfit is just the thing to win a naughty/nice or angel/devil vote at a club.

Fun combo from Kcreation, i see hours of great role play coming with these two.

The latex has the usual Kcreation metallic shine.

There are no shoes included in the set, and that is a good thing, better stick to the thing you are good at.

The Novice comes with a short skirt and a choice of a catsuit bottom or panties and socks.

I love the way she made the wimple. The way it moves is very nice, i want a dress like that. *winks*

Still a great change from the usual outfits around Second Life. Just add some nice shoes, some restraints if you like, and you'll be sure to turn some heads.

Name : Kcreations
Owner : Kat Fetisov
The SLURL : (updated 2009-08-13!)


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