Friday, February 20, 2009

EvA Footwear : EvA Angelina black

Someone dropped in on us at Bitch Goddess a while back with the Cheeky Paws version of the Angelina boots by EvA Footwear.

After chuckling at the fun texture, I recognized a very elegant boot design.

It was a pleasant surprise to visit the store and find that Van Stantz is Evangeline Eames's slave and designer - Eva is our new friend from the FEMDOM Magazine and quite a busy person :)

The EvA Angelina is available in different sets : black (includes red, purple, blue and green), gold (includes lighter tints) and silver (with very pale tints). Each comes with 7 sole colors and 21 sole trims. It's like buying a wardrobe! The colors are controlled with a simple menu.

Cheeky Paws, like the other semi-demo versions of the Angelina (with fun textures), are inexpensive but not quite free.

If you drop by the store in the Dominion's shopping district, you may want to have a peek at a stack of freebies hidden as a reward for having a thorough look around.

It's 35m behind you when you face EvA's store, just in back of the "fab pony" store (which sells clothes that may be fab but are not pony).

Looking for a pair of good looking leather knee high boots? Look no further.

The Angelina boots have a simple look, but manage to look very real.

The stitching at the top is an nice detail, as are the folds at the ankle.

The heel is straight forward but looks very comfortable without being chunky.

Still a great boot, just add jeans and a leather jacket and you have a great outfit, now where did i put that Harley.

EvA Footwear
Owner : Van Stantz



  1. Hi Miss Diedre, lelo,

    I've been meaning to post for a while, and i keep thinking i should try to fond you on SL just to say that i love your blog, I've shopped more then once at stores for items that you posted. Being a switch, i love how you both give your opinions on items. I'd just like to say keep up the really good work at hope to catch you at some point on SL! I'm "AngelicDomme Magic" if you ever see me approach hihi

  2. Hello Angelic!

    Thank you for the kind words. We love hearing from our readers. Don't hesitate to IM us, we'll go sit somewhere nice and yak.

    Deirdre & lelo