Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Maison Broceliande : Ultimate Hooves

Some gorgeous new hooves from Maison Broceliande - lelo has all the details.

I like the rounded calf and the straps, the most visible changes to my eye.

If you like pony play, Second Life is well supplied with designers and play areas.. not always the case for the RL pony folks who live in cities ;)

Click here for the flyer, which contains good info, including the price.

A new masterpiece by Yhis Khorana, she improved the deluxe hooves we reported on way back when.

These new hooves are called "Ultimate Hooves" and i think, rightfully so.

In the nicely textured box you will find hand hooves, tall and short pony-boots, a good-looking tail and finally a pose stand you'll need to get the hooves to fit right.

The look is more realistic and the belts look great, but the thing that really makes these new hooves the ultimate is the scripting by Standing Heron, which is RLV-compatible.

The "set owner" and "locking" options are controlled by chat command or by clicking the left hoof (foot part).

If you click any of the boot you can change the color of the separate parts, sadly once again you have to change all the separate parts, but you can totally personalize your hooves.

The wearer can control who is the owner, the AO (on/off), the sound (on/off and volume), and of course the texture.

The owner can set the secondary owner, lock the boots, hobble and chain the pony. The secondary owner can only hobble and chain the pony.

The hooves also react to chat commands and there is a prefix system in case you own more than one pony.

I have worn these hooves for a couple of hours now and they already feel like a part of me.

(Deirdre again : I asked lelo to make a full list of her pony gear, so that beginners can have an idea of the investment required to make a good-looking pony. While Maison Broceliande are not the only pony gear designers, they are our favorite)

  1. KDC, ponygirl bridle with triple feather ornament and jointed egg butt pellham copper rollers bit
  2. Maison Broceliande, Neckcorset II
  3. Maison Broceliande, Substrap harness
  4. Maison Broceliande, pony bells
  5. Maison Broceliande, armbands
  6. Maison Broceliande, pony chastity belt II
  7. Maison Broceliande, pony tail
  8. Maison Broceliande, Prim Harness II
  9. Hooded rubber catsuit, a wonderfull gift from Yhis Khorana
  10. Maison Broceliande, Ultimate Hooves, hand and feet
  11. (not visible) Maison Broceliande, ponytalk hud

Name : Maison Broceliande
Owner : Yhis Khorana


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