Wednesday, March 11, 2009

VvB Stiletto Heels : SUPREMACY Platform Thigh Boots

These heels are really eye-catching... and if that happens, you'll need stitches ;)

The main store is at Plaza. Just walk to the far end of the corridor from the LZ.

So. Gorgeous boots, good lacing in front. One of Viktoria's sources of inspiration is La Piazza heels.

The sole is tan leather, very realistic... I can almost picture the "VERO CUIO" stamp. I love that attention to detail.

This is a fetish boot in a very recognizable, somewhat extreme style, and you either adore it, hate it, it leaves you indifferent, or something in between.

No, I kid ;) I mean, it's not for everyone, but that style has its fans. I definitely like it a lot.

Highest, good looking platforms i've seen in SL yet, you shouldn't have a fear of heights when wearing these boots.

Getting them to fit right is a bit of a job, but worth it; luckily they are full mod.

The size of the invisi-prims is rather small, which is good for the look when you are in front of a texture that is blocked by the invisi-prim.

With some careful (and i mean careful, these boots are no copy) changes to the invisi-prims, you should get everything covered.

By clicking the boots you can change the color of the laces. Sadly you'll need to do that for each part of the boots.

The texturing is simple but works. i love the fact that the foot and lower leg are in one piece, avoiding the ugly ankle you get on many other boots.

Victoria must have spent quite some time on putting these 356 prims together to get these boots, and it shows. *smiles*

Name : VvB Stiletto Heels
Owner : Viktoria Brandenburg


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  1. Greetings Darlings,

    Thank you so very much for your review. It was both favorable and honest. Keep up your wonderful work. I am enjoying your articles very much.

    Oh, I should mention that if anyone has problems with the invisiprims, I will gladly modify the boots to fit, or refund the Lindens if satisfaction has not been met.

    I hope everyone will enjoy our products.

    Viktoria von Brandenburg