Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Indyra Originals - Chasseur Boots Black Suede

Deirdre :
When I followed those boots to Indyra's store, I wasn't expecting high fashion.. I was pleasantly surprised.

The staff was incredibly helpful and friendly (Hi Accountant.. yes I mean you, dear!) and they helped us get the boots, put us in touch with their blog team leader, and we were rolling in no time flat - great teamwork.

They have a store blog : http://indyraoriginals.wordpress.com, and while having a peek, I saw that they will be participating in a charity auction on April 26th to support an orphanage in Kenya.

That is so amazing that I had to mention it here, even if it's not our usual topic. Go read their blog, and go to the auction! :)

The Chasseur boots, then, are fashion, but look terrific with any outfit, as I demonstrate here. No, this is not all from Indyra ;)

The heel is excellent and the foot shape is quite realistic. The texture is a very convincing suede look.

You get a regular size upper and foot, and a slim upper and foot. This is better than the usual where only the upper is different. What, we all have big feet? ;)

Indyra Originals is a well set up, professional shop, proving that when done right it really works, even in SL.

The shop is quite large but doesn't look confusing, or like most large stores, cold and uninviting.

It's has a boutique feel to it and i like it, there is a nice mix of live models, shop assistants, holographic displays and vendors.

Like most of the bigger shops they use a gift card system, so you can treat your loved one to a gift of their own choosing.

Indyra offers very nicely crafted shoes and boots, lovely gowns and dresses and some very sexy intimates.

If you are looking for original fashionable clothing, have a look around Indyra's, you'll love what they are selling.

Name: Indyra Originals
Owner: Indyra Seigo


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