Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ashpodele - Ballet Boots Bombee

Some cool little ballet boots from Ashpodele today. This is the bombee model, with an eighties ankle-boot look.

Very good prim details like laces and straps and locks and rings.. you know by now how much I like that kind of thing.

Ashpodele is a great little store. Drop by for a look, and pick up the freebie gags - I forgot to mention those last time!

As we told you in our post about the gags they have at Ashpodele, they also make some good looking balletboots.

Well here they are, we're showing the ankle high bombee version in black and red, there is also a shorter (little) version that allows the use of ankle shackles.

The scripting is simple but solid, giving you a the option to expose the boots to the public, self-lock or you can appoint an owner.

You can also put a nice little chain between the shoes, and the little lock you see when they are locked are lovely.

The toe-box is a bit pointy for my taste, but aren't a simple copy, so that's good.

The heel looks great, i love the way the tip is made, the red laces and belts finish the boots and complete the look.

These boots are a great alternative to the usual Fairlights or WarDooM balletboots.

Name : Ashpodele
Owner : mrazkova Jansma, Mia Rang and Pencilsky Germi


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