Thursday, June 11, 2009

VENDOM - Succubus War Queen (red)

My friend Hikari Shirabyoshi is a power shopper. I mean, you think lelo and I know a few shops, she blows us out of the water without even trying.

Every now and then she'll IM me "Hey... do you know this store?", send me a landmark, and blow my mind.

Her specialty is freebies. And what we have here today, the VENDOM Succubus War Queen was indeed free.

In fact, it was on a Midnight Mania board, which I didn't even know about. Very cool system : if the set amount of residents click the board, they all get the item.

Best viral marketing I've seen in ages.

I called some friends over, spammed one of my groups... sure enough, at three minutes after midnight, the outfit was in my inventory - and lelo's, obviously ;)

Cool outfit, cool tail, cool store. Drop by with three hundred friends, sometime.

When you open the box and copy the contents into your inventory you'll find 27 items, must be one of the biggest boxes yet.

Most items are prims, but there is a LM, picture and some clothes there, though the clothes don't cover very much *winks*

The spikes look rather serious, and make me rather nervous, being a rubber doll at heart.

You get some options like the back flags and the horns, which you can use if you want.

There is even a shape include, but mine seems to come pretty close to the average succubus war queen. *smiles*

Still best thing with a get up like this, you'll always have plenty of room on the dance floor.

Owner : Vendalia Foxtrot


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  1. Wow that was a very ummmmm..pointy one! Yes being a rubber lover as well, I get weary of spikes too Lelo lol. Will go peek at the store tho since the outfit is a really cool one for a freebie, curious to see what they have. Also wanted to say loved the last post, totally loved the wet looking suit, that was a fun find. I'd almost say you guys are my personal shoppers at times LOL!

    Great work as always!