Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hugo's Design - M3 & Suba

We're a bit swamped in new Hugo's releases, so we're running two together tonight.

lelo and I are modeling the M3 outfit, in the two variations: body, and top plus pants.

It's a neat design, with discreet teal highlights and lots of buckles on the body version.

Some unusual white blue and red bands visible in slashes on the arms and legs suggest that you're wearing Chevron underwear. ;)

The Suba harness was released just today so we just had to squeeze it in.

It looks terrific over a catsuit, as you can see on lelo, or by itself, as you see on the vendor pic.

Suba is available in Baby Pink, Hard Pink, Purple, Red, White and Black.

Little PG-rating helper hearts not included.

I'm wearing the M3 body plus and with Hugo plus means loads of options.

And with loads of options i mean the 21 items in the cute little bag.

As usual the items come in most layers, giving you options like a body, some chaps, a jacket... and on and on.

You'll also get a great looking pair of stockings with a nice seam across the back, and no adjusting needed. *winks*

M3 will keep you combining for days if not weeks so great value for money here, though you might get lost in the many combinations.

The Suba is another thing altogether, a nice and simple belt harness, completed with a pair of gloves and stockings and as usual in all the layers.

Get them while they are hot....

Name : Hugo's Design
Owner : Erik Hugo


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