Wednesday, February 10, 2010

PixelFashion and Neurolab - Ultimate Boots

We've seen stiletto boots, but this is the first needle heel I find :)

These Ultimate boots by Pixelfashion/Neurolab have a detailed and realistic leather texture, and a very good foot shape.

The fit is excellent; the small size fit me right out of the box, with the assistance of a small invisiprim, didn't even have to use the resize menu.

Anything that minimizes the fuss of fitting and adjusting is good, to my mind.

A neat bit of info I swiped from their XStreetSL page :

When you change the boot color, the "Ultimate Jewels Set" will change the color of the jewel to match your boots automatically.

If someone proclaims to have the ultimate boots we just have to check them out. *winks*

The boots come in all kinds of colors, and are grouped per color range, like with most hair packs in SL.

In each pack you get 4 colors, but if you like the look and are a frequent costume changer, you can get a fat pack containing all 29 colors.

In the pack you'll find the boots in 3 sizes, seems i'm a medium, the footshape and invisi prims to hide your feet, finally there is an English and French manual supplied.

The menu offers 3 options, with texture you can choose one of the 4 colors in the pack, with re-size you can adjust your boot size and the sound option controls the sound, nice and simple just the way we like them. *smiles*

So, great textures, many, many colors, easy to fit, wonderful shape, leaves only the heel which is a matter of taste, i would say the name is well chosen.

Name : :)(: PixelFashion/Neurolab
Owner : Amandine Arai


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