Monday, February 8, 2010

Kayliwulf Kingdom - Hot Stuff

A good red outfit, just in time for Valentine Day, this is Hot Stuff, from Kayliwulf Kingdom.

The nice red fluff on the top is some of Lazarus's best work, like the pom-poms in the cheerleader's outfit.

Tricky stuff, fur, with a high prim load, but worth it. Just don't wear it to a fashion show, the models will kill you ;)

The toe sandals look good as always, but require a bit of management. See lelo's bit for details.

With this one you get a nicely filled box with 19 items, ok 3 of those are notecards.

Still next to the simple but good looking outfit you get 2 pairs of shoes and some nice jewelry.

One pair is a nice red version of the strap sandals and the other are the strap pumps featured with the Time Square outfit.

A little note on the strap sandals: don't forget to wear the invisifeet with them, or you'll see your feet peeking out at every side while you walk around.

The jewelry consists of a pair of ruby earrings and a bellybutton ring.

The bra with the flared pants leave more than enough of your belly exposed to show off your ruby bellybutton ring.

The fuzzy bodice is a lag monster with a render cost of 3407, but it looks ooh so good.

So nice basic outfit with a couple of great extras that will fill out your wardrobe.

Name : Kayliwulf Kingdom
Owner : Lazarus Luan & Daphne Goodnight


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