Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Places - Rubber Room

We decided at the beginning of 2010 that we'd make an effort to cover more places, even though there just aren't that many good fetish spots around.

Well, the Rubber Room is a really good fetish club.

It's been around for quite a while, as clubs go : the owner, Rubber Robonaught, opened 10 months ago.

Rubber Room is quite active : there are daily parties at 2PM and 6PM SLT, regular sponsored events, and a nice fetish crowd in the club a lot of the time.

The fixed landing zone plops you above a mall with numerous fetish stores. Malls support clubs : do take a moment to shop around ;)

From there you click on large teleporter signs downstairs, and head to the club, or its associated play space, the MGM dungeon.

The dungeon is run by Master Gary Millet, and features serious roleplay and RLV-enabled bondage devices. It is open to everyone.

The club is home to a number of rubberdolls, and there's nothing quite like seeing a half-dozen dolls sitting around sofas or dancing together in gas masks, VvB Boots and assorted gear... not a pair of jeans in sight ;)

The staff is friendly, the management is helpful and pleasant.. there's a lot to like at this club, aside from the obvious.

Rubber Room is quite a find, and fast becoming one of our favorite spots. See you there!


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