Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bootgasm - Sensual

Another nice find at Twisted Orchid.. spotted someone wearing these, and we just headed straight for the store. Who could resist that name?

I like stiletto heels. A lot. I may have told half the designers in Second Life that I wanted a pair of these. (They're from Domination Shop in Germany, if you're curious.)

So the Sensual ankle boots are a step in the right direction.

A good stiletto heel, excellent textures, and a good resize script : I hit -5% five times (which counter-intuitively reduces to 77% of original, count it for yourself!)

Expect a fair bit of fitting out of the box : rotating and moving up and down to make the boots even.

Aside from that, good, simple ankle boots. No heel click, no bling, no fuss. Wear them with jeans, or with a nice Squeaky Rubber catsuit :)

Well these boots are made for Mistress, high heels, pointy nose and more than a few belts.

When we were at the store we were in luck to find Tad putting the last hand on the new store, which is bigger, better and full of boots, boots and more boots.

The store is divided into a couple of departments to make searching easy, there is a neko/moon boot department, thigh high, ankle and calf boots are in their own corners of the store.

And there is a Fetish department, where the boots have some nice names like: enslaved, dominant and tied.

So have a look, it's the largest boot store in SL according to Tad, we didn't check, so if you know a bigger one, please let us know.

Name : Bootgasm
Owner : Tad Nightfire
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Paradise%20Sunshine/129/130/25


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