Thursday, April 15, 2010

Evil Kitten - General Purpose Cell

Cages are popular with the bondage bunny crowd, and Evil Kitten's are probably the most widely used.

Daisy's been making them for quite a while, and it shows.

Lots of imaginative features, and a cold, institutional feel that should warm the heart (or fill with dread, as you like) of anyone who likes this kind of play.

Do visit the tiny, unassuming little store set on a quiet street, and have a look at the variety of neat cages and related toys.

I know the Evil Kitten cell quite intimate from way back, when i spent quite a few lonely afternoons in one of these.

Daisy's cells come in quite a few forms and sizes, so we went for the general purpose one as that's probably one of the most ehh.. well... general ones. *winks*

I'm sure you must have come across one of these around SL, even if your not into locking people up or being locked up.

As you might expect the cage is fully Restrained Life Viewer compatible.

The cell can be controlled via chat and the options list is so long that I'll copy it from the notecard:

You can:

- configure who can operate the cell: owner only, or nominated users, or group, with different privileges as to who can override whose settings.
- keep the operator list in a notecard.
- set and adjust timers, including hidden random timers.
- monitor offline status and be notified of escapes.
- monitor prisoner's mouselook status and customize penalties.
- monitor whether prisoner goes afk and customize penalties.
- ban a prisoner from speaking.
- set the cell to trap anyone who enters it.
- set the cell to trap anyone who walks NEAR it (using RLV).
- set the cell for self-bondage.
- allow or prevent others from changing the sentence you set.
- display or hide information about the sentence.
- block sight out or in (some models only).
- operate multiple cells together or individually.

Did i promise too much? *smiles*

The one thing that really makes these cells stand out is the (optional) pickable lock, that's the thing that kept me coming back for more.

I mean if i want to stay in one place for hours i don't need a cell i just can stand in a corner, but the idea that you might beat the system, now that's a challenge.

Name : Evil Kitten
Owner : Daisy Rimbaud


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