Friday, April 16, 2010

Pony Places: Tropical Dreams Pony Club

On first entering this sim, you are surrounded on one side by part of the steeple track, and in front of you is a cart rezzer, so you instantly know you are on a sim dedicated to keeping ponies in shape.

Behind is a pony bath and to the east of your landing is a stable block, out front of which is a horseshoe bondage frame.

The stable block has a lovely homey feel to it rather than the functional utilitarian vibe of a building that is there more because it is expected to be than any other reason.

Wandering further afield, we find the usual assortment of activities laid out for ponies to keep themselves busy with, including barrel racing and earlier mentioned steeple.

A trainer's favorite of mine is the whip circle - and you will find an enclosed one here.

The sim features other comforts, though not all aimed at the ponies, of a saloon and a vet clinic.

The setting has a very "beach resort" feel to it, and I always like that, it is almost like you go on vacation for a week to be a pony the whole time.

Cart tracks run around the border of the sim and through the middle, so there is enough to keep most trainers and ponies busy.

I can't help thinking that I should have worn sensible pony hooves instead of spike heeled pumps to explore this one. Perhaps next time, I will arrange to show up in my tack and be given a tour by being led around on reins.... any pony sim owners interested?

I'm now off to KCreations to get me a pair of new hooves. How did I not know about these?


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