Friday, May 14, 2010

Mesmerize Dungeon - MD Pony Boots

How could we have a boot week and not include some of the pony world's own? Step up Mesmerize Dungeon to ensure there is a pair to fit the bill.

The pony boots are attractive yet solid, with chunky horse shoe soles to provide that lovely clip clop sound when walking.

The boot uppers are wonderfully styled, with lacing at the front, and a side zip that when the boots are locked is secured with a tiny padlock.

These boots are RLV enabled, so, be careful who locks the boots - you will not just wear these and be running and jumping around SL as if wearing a comfy pair of Nikes.

Oh no, these are serious and restrictive boots, and not for the faint-hearted.

On initially wearing the pony boots, you will hear the zipper being closed, and from this point on, be prepared to work to walk.

Coming with their own AO controller, you can set one of 4 walks, or turn it off and use your regular AO.

First time wearing the boots, you will be asked to set a training level.

This sets the amount of time you must spend walking in the boots to progress. With them locked. And on level 1, be prepared to get frustrated.

Due to the high soles, no heels, it takes time to ogain confidence walking in pony boots - which means you will be walking slow, falling over, and struggling to climb over the tiniest step.

And this is where the boots really excell. And frustrate. Persevere long enough, and level 2 gets you that little bit more mobile.

Just be sure to follow the instructions when updating - your progress can be saved, but, it is easy enough if you go wrong to lose all progress.

I keep these in my RLV folder though my impatience gets the better of me and I don't wear these boots as much as I should. But I'd be lying if I said I hated them.

I love them. And I hate them. Seems I spend as much time on my butt in these as I do walking... The boots you will love to hate, or hate to love.

Either way, a fun and enjoyable addition to your pony tack, RLV folder, or a kinky pair of boots for your fetish closet.

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