Monday, May 31, 2010

POC - Catsuit PinkBlack

This nice blended color combination is POC’s Catsuit PinkBlack. It may not be new at POC but it’s new to us ;)

The blended latex reminds me of Polymorphe’s technique, although it’s probably less tricky in SL than in RL. (visit their new and improved Web site!)

This outfit could be worn with both black and pink accessories, doubling your mix and match options.

A nice change from solid colors, yet still retains the famous POC shine. The blends are available in all POC colors.

Do drop by the store, and have a good look around : there may be all sorts of fun goodies you missed the first time... as we did ;)

When looking for the pink POC catsuit we wanted to use for the WarDoom boots we found this little number.

In the pack you get 12 items, giving you 2 catsuits in 2 layers, one going from black to pink and back to black again.

The other is the other way around, so pink, black and pink again.

The deep glossy latex shine you get as standard with POC, but the color fade makes this little number really stand out, add color matching items and you’ll have a unique outfit.

Name : Powers of Creation
Owner : Kai Heideman, Thoto Beerbaum


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