Friday, June 11, 2010

Bugshit Latex - Latex Catsuits

You have your pony tack but need a catsuit for the sake of modesty, and you're on a tight budget?

It happens, and if you missed Deirdre's post in March, then you need to pay Bugshit a visit, now!

A typical catsuit costs just L$100 and comes on all layers, in zipped closed, plain with no zippers or fully open zipped breasts and crotch varieties. That's a lot of choice for a small price.

The catsuits come in all the colours in the rainbow and a few more as well, opaque or sheer.

But this is also a store that sells one of the rarest fetish sets I have encountered so far.

A while back, I mentioned fox hunting as a pony activity in SL.

Well, you can get your very own latex fox outfit from Bugshit, complete with tail and muzzle/mask, for the same low price of L$100. And yes, I did get one myself.

So, anyone interested in fox hunting now?


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