Thursday, June 10, 2010

Catch It - Nalia Red

Catch It is another Latexia find.. I swear, we just go there and find new designers every time.

We dropped by the Catch It main store for a peek... the look is modern, and the new items are near the door, clearly indicated. (hint, hint, all designers!)

Nalia, er, jumped out at us ;) The corset outfit has a wild red and black check pattern and some excellent shine.

This is a fun change from solid latex colors, although it will be a challenge to integrate in an outfit.

Guess you’ll just have to wear it like that ;)

Yay.. another new designer added to our tags. *smiles*

This outfit by Pad isn’t for the faint of heart, it really makes your breast stand out there.

Don’t forget to take the free matching pasties, offering a little bit of modesty, they are in the box in front of the vendor.

The corset can be worn with or without the leggings, which comes in a pants and underpants layer.

Next to the waist corset you also get a very nice neck corset also in the same red and black look.

There is a nice little bow on the back of the corset, which is a bit hard to see at first, but i think that only makes it better.

Name : Catch It
Owner : Pad Cioc


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