Monday, June 14, 2010

DV8 - Almost Violent Boots

We received a package from DV8 last week, and for no particular reason, I immediately opened the box that contains the boxes that contain the items.. and found a really wild pair of boots called Almost Violent.

They’re available in a wide variety of colors : Aquanaught, Cyan/Black, Fallout, Gunmetal, Merlot, Purple/Black, Red Alert/Black (worn here), and Violaceous.

We covered Razor Girl in March, in Red Alert/Black, so these may be standard color names at DV8.

These are mod copy but no trans, and as the included note reminds you, make a copy before you modify them to suit you best.

They fit me like a glove out of the box, I just had to position them a bit - so they may need a bit of enlarging to fit some shapes.

Fun fifties-style heel, a wicked platform and cool contrasting accents at calf and ankle make a unique boot that will turn heads wherever you wear it.

I think DV8 has one of the highest production rates of all get shops we know, sadly like we told you in a previous post their main focus is the Goth scene.

Still Goth and fetish are close relatives and this makes these shops so interesting.

We keep an eye on the new products and once in a while we find a little gem like these boots.

So don’t be discouraged by the main focus of a shop, you never know what you might find, ohh and of course shopping is never a punishment.

Name : +DV8+
Owner : DV8 Robonaught, Vasha Martinek


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  1. Aww, thanks you two! So glad you liked the boots!