Wednesday, June 9, 2010

EvA Footwear - Oriental Suede Boots

I like dragon boots. It seems to be a popular design, and many online high heel boot stores like Bad Girl Heels carry them (here’s red and here’s white).

EvA not only offers a pair, but the suede version is free.

You’ll have to look up near the ceiling to find the freebie box.. maybe it’s a fiendish plot to make you look around the store? ;)

It’s definitely worth a look. EvA offers a lot of variety in a clean, simple store layout.

Oh, and a little bird (well, editor in chief, if you want to be picky) told me that issue 11 of Femdom Magazine is on its way... keep an eye on the site.

Get them while they are free!! i mean it, Van’s free offer is only for a limited time.

These boot offer everything the “normal” version offers, except for the boot textures and a cut down AO.

You only get the lovely dragon print with these, not a bad thing i think and i think most of you have your own AO.

Next to the texture selector, you can change the color of the sole trim, adjust the sound (quite a good selection in these) and resize the boots.

A resize is hardly needed, just a slight adjustment and they fitted me perfectly.

So what are you still sitting there, time’s a wasting.

Name : EvA Footwear
Owner : Van Stantz


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