Tuesday, June 22, 2010

eku Zhong - Apocalips

Eku Zhong may be the most sold and least known designer in all of Second Life.

After finding some of her sculpts used by some of the top fetish designers we’ve covered, we decided to go say hello.

We were fortunate to catch Eku and her sweetie Yure at a convenient time (they’re 13 hours ahead of Montreal time), and had a wonderful chat with them.

Eku’s been designing for one year in SL, but she also sculpts in real life, working in ceramics.

Her early designs in SL were photorealistic, but as time went, she wanted to make something more original. Certainly her latest designs reflect this.

We had a peek on XStreet for her work, and saw some but not all of the designs we knew. She mentioned getting copybotted and her work being resold so cheap it was the #1 popular item. The Lindens were less than helpful, waiting weeks before pulling down the stolen items.

She sells sculpts, but designers add their touches, turning them into unique, sometimes unrecognizable items. As Eku said, she sees her sculpts as soup stock - the base for something with more flavor.

She told us more about mesh and sculpties than I even knew existed. Here’s a link with something to whet your appetite if you want to learn more.

While fetish boots aren’t big sellers for her, she enjoys making them, so we can look forward to new and interesting things from her in the future

SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Apocalips%20Kansai/244/62/24

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