Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mech-Toys - Galaxy Dolly

Wed 2011-11-09 : Mecha informs us the Galaxy Dolly is no longer sold.


Here’s a treat for the doll lovers out there.. yes yes, we know you’re there even if you don’t say much.

This is Galaxy Dolly, by Mech-Toys. Once again, we got a nice interview with the designer and scripter (or as he puts it, code monkey), and we were pretty flattered to hear that they both knew the blog.

Galaxy Dolly is a full kit, everything included, and dolls will love the shape and wind-up key.

A fun related item caught my eye at Mech-Toys : the power-up oil can dispenser, which powers up a doll as if she had got her key wound up.

A fun outfit, with lots of roleplay possibilities. Strike the pose!

With all the barbie outfits we have shown you over the, wow it’s years i guess, we never gave you the “real” barbie doll.

So it was high time and with Mech-toys you get the real deal, we picked the Galaxy Dolly because it’s one of her newest designs and we liked the look. *winks*

This is a complete AV in a box, you get everything too..hmm.. make your dolly come life. Sounds like a RP theme to me. *smiles*

The jointed doll skin is the best i’ve seen in SL till now, very impressive.

The clothes are a nice mix of cloth-layer and prims bringing it all to life. Well as much as you can expect with a doll.

Next to all the visual items there is the, lets say RLV, item the doll key, doll keys are a pretty big part of doll play.

The Mech-Toys one is based on the open collar script and comes with a plug in for your collar in case you don’t want to have they key on your back.

So run and get your favorite doll outfit and make sure your key doesn’t run down on a deserted sim.

Name : Mech-Toys
Owner : Mechatoy Mekanic


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