Monday, June 21, 2010

LaVa - Buckled Latex Corset Black/Red

A lovely jacket-layer corset by LaVa, this one is called Buckled Latex Corset Black/Red for obvious reasons ;)

As it happened, I was still wearing the gorgeous Omnisuit by Tandael and my big cape, looking like a classic superheroine, when I tried the corset on - it looks like it was made for the Omnisuit.

But to show it off properly, I pulled out of the wardrobe one of my awesome KCreations catsuits : the look is blood red, with blood red PixelFashion boots, and a blood-red.. um, no, the corset is black with red straps.

The straps and buckles are quite detailed, and it’s easy to forget it’s clothes layer only.

If I could wish for one thing, it might be to have the corset in all layers, for easier mix-and-match.

Other than that, a great addition to your fetish wardrobe.

Ok by now you should know we look for items where ever we are, using the inspect option more than once a night.

And lately we have been getting suggestions from friends, designers and readers, which makes our lives quite a bit easier, SL is still a big place. *winks*

But this one took us a bit by surprise, a designer putting us on the trail of another designer.

The little bunker of a store on Refuge Island showed a couple of nice catsuits and the promised corsets.

This little buckled number caught our eye, so have a look i know you’ll like what you’ll see.

Name : LaVa
Owner : Latexania Valeska


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