Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jaqueline Fashion - Rana with Dirty Kalla Boots

Seems like we hadn’t featured Jaqueline in ages.. we visited her sim and saw some gorgeous everyday clothes as well as the fetish we knew her for.

The Rana red is brand new, and the black version came out a couple of weeks back. Hardly old news, even if not quite first-day release (which I love so much).

There are quite a few extras in this box : in particular, you’ll find a little HUD that calls up the menu to control your boots, and a Zhao for the sexy walk.

Color refers to the gem at the center of the star on the front, texture refers to the star and ammo on the side, and show/hide will let you hide star, gem, and barbed wire for a less military look.

You’ll want to spend a moment adjusting the invisi prims just right - the included note on boots gives good pointers for that. Another note gives a good explanation of the RenderVolumeLODFactor trick for best-looking sculpties.

All in all, a generous offering that includes some things we take for granted but will be a boon to newer residents.

The catsuit has next to the nice texture and good fun cut 2 special things.

First there is the Viewer 2 headtatoo latex hood, which you can see in on the vendor picture.

The second are the supplied transparent shirt and pants, Jaqueline offers 0%, 25% and 100% transparency.

Next to the catsuit you get gloves and socks in black and red.

Next you’ll find a pair of boots in the box, we had a bit of a surprise when we rezzed the boots.

A quick check in the prims showed they are made by the same builder as the DV8 boots we featured on monday.

Keep a look out for an interview with eku Zhong, the original builder behind big parts of SL.

Still Jaqueline did a good job on adding the extra details and of course the HUD Mistress mentioned.

Name : Jaqueline Fashion
Owner : Jaqueline Beaumont


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