Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tandaels Design Studio - Omnisuit

I love an excuse to wear a cape.. and the best one in the world has to be superheroine outfits.

Introducing Tandael’s Omnisuit and OmniBodysuit, two awesome kits of a hundred million parts each.. seriously, it kicked my inventory into the next thousands ;)

All the parts are clothes layers, and all are copy - mix and match being the very *point* of this kit, you’ll want to make copies and save them as outfits, for those quick changes in phone booths.

While the OmniBodysuit can be worn alone (by your more invulnerable or exhibitionistic heroines), it works awesomely well as a set of extra parts over the Omnisuit (that’s the bodysuit in our third pic).

When we visited his shop - and got a wonderful introduction to the Omni line - we also got a preview of Tandael’s next project, matching body armor.. Iron Man fans should definitely keep an eye out.

Ok, so we like our superheroines, but then whats not to like about skintight spandex, high heels and jumping from rooftop to rooftop, though personally i could do with out the last one. *winks*

Now about the Omnisuit, the idea is so simple i bet very designer is thinking; “why didn’t i....”, still most brilliant ideas are inherently simple.

You take all the cloth layers and make the lowest the biggest and each layer above smaller so you can see parts of the layers below.

That’s the first step, second you make a nice texture which brings the suit to live, aka the fun sewing lines and highlights.

Make the base color white and allow the owner to change the color in the appearance options.

Hé presto, millions of combinations and it doesn’t stop there, as an added option Tandael offers special overlays with symbols on them, like a spider or an S, well you know the kind.

A last smart little thing, all the items are copy so you can make little folders and copy the parts you need into them and make a special outfit for each event.

So get over there and make your own superhero costume.

Ohh, accessories and lovely Bax/PixelFashion boots not included. *winks*

Name : Tandael's Design Studio
Owner : Tandael Primswitch


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