Friday, June 18, 2010

Pony Places - Wild Ponygirl Island and Stable

On first landing here, you will be presented with some steps down which take you into the mall. Perfect placement to catch those impulse buyers like me!

A spacious mall, well-stocked to satisfy most looking to upgrade tack or supplies, or indulge in something a little less pony-oriented, as not all items here are purely ponyplay.

Leaving the mall and heading back up the steps you will pass under a double arched bridge which takes you out to a large field.

Across from the field you will find the mainstore to Morbid Play. Check out their store while you are here as they stock some fine tack!

At the left of Morbid's entrance, a bridge brings you to a campfire, and a social area with game tables. Beyond it, a jetty with relaxing sofas and a hot tub.

There is a lot to explore around the landing zone of this stable which shares the sim with the main store of Morbid Play, and lots of distractions even before you get into the stable proper. Be ready to do a lot of walking if you don't bring a pony and cart !

Teleporting up to the stable proper (dragging myself away from the distractions on the landing area) sees the sim set out with the same level of thought and variety as the landing area.

If you have not already been to visit this stable, then this weekend is your perfect chance as they are holding pony events from 7.00am friday 18th June for the weekend.

1. Steeple run ON top of the new mall
2. Slalom on training platform #1 ....rez the basic training course to get the slalom to appear, just click the picture of the basic training course.
3. The Original Cart Race on platform #2 .... rez it also to get it appear.....just click the picture of the cart race.

Cash prizes are on offer to winning ponies, so if you needed an excuse to get over there - you have it now!

This weekend should be a good weekend to explore, relax or compete - and get away from those annoying vuvuzelas at the World Cup!


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