Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sweetest Goodbye - Get On, Black

Get on! is a cool, bike-babe style leather dress with loads of little prim details, including a nice prim collar - sadly, hidden by my hair in the pics, but forget any updo hair if you want to wear the leather cap.

Prims include a knotted bandanna, neat little pocket flap, big belt and a very clever skirt prim with butt cleavage ;)

The leather texture is excellent, with convincing folds and reflections, and cool contrasting zipper.

Get On! is available in four colors, and they are subtle shades of leather, not cheap primary colors : black, khaki, purple, and navy.

The matching leather cap is not included, but is on a table next to the outfits - in the same four colors.

When Mistress sees a good looking leather cap there is no holding her back, she just has to get it.

Once again, a big, beautiful store we didn’t know about. While I think that it’s wonderful that we keep discovering new ones, I do find it a little disconcerting.

Sweetest Goodbye is a full sim store, and a lovely, classy sim it is. Two-thirds are taken up by the store, and one third, separated by a lovely canal, holds a runway, a photo studio, and a café terrasse with little tables to sit and chat.

Morphine doesn’t seem to like vendors and has her products on racks, which gives the store a very RL look, and it seems to make for a quicker sim.

All in all, a wonderful looking sim even if your not in the market for some new clothes, it’s well worth the visit.

We never heard back from the owners, but it could be a fluke - it’s only been a few days - so we’ll put down no opinion for service.

Name : Sweetest Goodbye
Owner : Morphine Janick


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