Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sin Labs - Sin Cycle

The Sin Cycle is when you put your clothes in the wash and they come out kinky ;)

No, no. It’s a very cool motorcycle by Sin Labs. And lelo’s long legs are just the thing to decorate it.

Well, actually, an included shape makes sure that no bits stick out and ruin the sleek lines of the bike.

As a vehicle, it handles quite well - although Motor Loon Custom Cycles have spoiled me for any other bikes.

As a fun way to use your doll in a conspicuous, sexy, objectifying way.. it’s hard to beat :)

ok this is something new and fun, a bikegirl... ehh bike. *smiles*

As you might expect from a place like Sin Labs, the bike is fully RLV enabled so you can permanently lock your doll to the bike.

When on the bike the doll is just part of the bike so not involved in the driving, unlike a pony cart.

You can personalize the bike by changing the accent colors and rims on the wheels.

But the best thing is the license plate, which you can put your own name on or any other name you want to give your bike.

Ohh when you are at the store better watch out for the pose stands, you might never leave......

Name : Sin Labs
Owner : Kumi Itoku
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Circe/129/146/504


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