Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Addictions - Mistress Red

We hadn’t been by the Addictions shop in nearly a year - you may recall the “Dangerous” outfit, and the cool video featuring it.

So we dropped by and I decided to give lelo something that doesn’t involve a hood and a big gag forced into her mouth... you know, for once.

So this is the “Mistress” outfit by Addictions, in red. There are also versions in white, green, and purple.

Addictions has always been extremely affordable - we should have more inexpensive addictions! - and now, Marijane has decided to make the older models in her line a flat 100L$.

While I’ve said before that we love a scoop or a new release, a good inexpensive fetish outfit is a lot better than a poor freebie. So if you’re on a budget, drop by Addictions and go nuts ;)

No don’t worry, and don’t call, i’m not a switch, it’s just a name... *winks*

A simple looking outfit at first but with 5 prim parts there is more to this one than you might imagine.

The body has good lines and manages to keep everything in...barely.

The coat tail works very nicely and comes with some very good resizing instructions.

The boots show the age of the outfit, but they look better than the 100ls you pay for the entire ensemble.

Not quite sure about the silk stockings, but then i guest most of you will have a few nice latex stockings somewhere in your wardrobe.

Finally the sleeves, you might miss them at first glance and that makes them so good..

Psst.. anyone notice my new hair... thank you Mistress *smiles*

Name : Addictions
Owner : Marijane Greene


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