Wednesday, August 11, 2010

MoDesign - NoToy female Chastity Belt

A nice new bit of metal for lelo to wear over her latex, this is MoDesign’s NoToy chastity belt.

(By the way, lelo’s wearing her usual Amethyst wrist and arm cuffs, and matched the chastity belt to the rest of her metal.)

This is a strict-looking device, with thick, angular metal plates telling the world : don’t touch!

Good thing lelo doesn’t play up the sympathy bit when I cover her in restraints ;)

Time to check out a new chastity belt, nothing wrong with my good old odium, but you need to keep an open mind.

At MoDesign they have a nice collection of belts and this one directly caught my eye.

Especially the look of the mesh behind the cage is very well done.

The design is by Siku Shan, her logo is on the front of the belt and the scripting is by Mo Noel.

This is the second time we see a cooperation like this, great lets hope it’s starting a trend.

The belt offer loads of options and the menu takes a little time to get uses to, still the lock command is on the first menu so nothing wrong there. *winks*

The belt is fully RLV compatible but also offers a classic control mode.

The belt uses the MoLock sync owner system, so the belt syncs with other MoLock compatible toys, like the added thigh belts.

The belt is Xcite and Sensations compatible so it’s a “real” chastity, no playing around.

Final fun item is the optional bell, but please keep the volume down. *smiles*

Name : MoDesign
Owner : Mo Noel


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