Wednesday, August 25, 2010

She Wants Revenge - Won’t Want For Love

This fun leather and lace outfit is called “Won’t Want For Love”, and it’s by She Wants Revenge.

I agree that you’re going to get all sorts of attention if you wear this on the street ;)

This is an extremely inexpensive piece, at 150L$. The work is quite good, and the design is original.

If I had one suggestion for the designer, it would be to bundle in more layers and make the whole thing no transfer, instead of no copy no mod.

You get the two tops shown here, and one pair of pants. The gloves shown on the vendor pic weren’t in my box, so they may be from another kit.

The tops are both jacket layer only, which means it’s nearly impossible to wear anything else with this outfit.

In conclusion : a good, inexpensive outfit, which could be great with a few small tweaks.

We featured a costume by Revenge just over a year ago during the LFFW.

Somehow we never got around to give them a full post.

But this weekend we spotted a She Wants Revenge vendor on Latexia and Mistress just had to get this little number.

A visit to the very large and full main store is quite an expedition so don’t forget to bring supplies. *winks*

Name : She Wants Revenge
Owner : Revenge Gears


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