Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Think Kink - Y Me?

A fun bondage cross from Think Kink, this one is called “Y Me?”

This is a very cool toy. The padded cushions look pretty authentic for dungeon furniture.

The shape is interesting and original - looks authentic as heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was inspired by RL furniture like Lisa’s Delight II, which we covered a while back.

As lelo is a pretty tall girl, the cross didn’t look perfect for her out of the bag, but it is resizeable, (manually, no menu) so we were able to remedy the situation, and now it fits her perfectly.

By the way, if you want to see how these toys look like in use, drop by the Think Kink store, they have them all set up for use - you may just have to push off a model ;)

Another fun toy for some good RPing by Think Kink.

As with the last piece of furniture we reviewed, it is fully RLV compatible and offers a fun capture feature.

Again you get a pair of free Lulu cuffs, but this time there is also a whip and a RLV relay included, better beware when you play around with that relay. *winks*

The control of the toy can be set to a group or a list of keyholders, though the moment you are locked into the device you don’t have any control of it.

The Y Me? has another great option that all bondage furniture should have, it can be adjusted to fit the decor of your dungeon, there are 8 wood types and 9 colors for the pads you can select.

So a fun toy that won’t clash with your dungeon, and when set to autograb, you never know what you might catch in it. *smiles*

Name : Think Kink
Owner : Lyssa Daehlie & Ilana Debevec


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