Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sinh - DingDing BlackRed

Sinh is a huge fetish store, which we’re featuring for the first time. This fun outfit is called DingDing (that’s a line of outfits) BlackRed.

Sinh is also the first store we’ve seen that gives a 20% discount to its group members. On a 400L$ outfit, that’s 80L$... it adds up fast if you buy a few outfits.

There are many models in the main store, showing off the outfits and answering questions from nosy bloggers ;)

Lelo is wearing the outfit of the week here, which was half off from the normal price. That makes visiting the store regularly a good idea.

I have to say a word about the little SM-Bear : it’s an adorable little shoulder bear (you also get a large version) that serves as a landmark-giver if you love the store and want to promote it.

When you rezz the box you get from Sinh, you really get a present, pretty packing paper and lacy bow included.

In the box you’ll find 23 items, not including the notes, LM’s and picture.

You get two outfits, the dress as shown in the first and the suit as shown in the second.

And amazingly, a pair of nice stiletto’s and a pair of boots, how’s that for value for money.

Next to the smoky latex catsuit and dress you get a good looking corset, red gloves and black underwear making the outfit pg’ísh

Also you’ll get a fun prim collar, belt, whip and funky mask, all no mod but with a good resize script in them.

All in all a good addition to each fetish wardrobe, ooh and it’s outfit of the week so better hurry to get it at 50% off..

Name : Sinh
Owner : Henri Ebbage & Curly Straaf


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