Friday, September 17, 2010

3Ponies HUD

I received a HUD to test from guaka Nozaki, found at Alikat Stables, which incorporates an AO, sound and basic emote all in one simple HUD.

This has been available for some time, but has recently been updated, and whilst I would have to admit that the product is not as polished as some, it shows that ponies are creative.

The AO included in the HUD for the pony walk is a fairly clean, and typical walk, and includes both a jump and pre-jump animation for jumping the steeple.

The animations are functional, but may have you searching for other animations to add. This hud uses the largely familiar Zhao AO so adding animations is a walk in the paddock.

This also means you can personalize the HUD if you feel this is necessary.

For the record, I have tried my hand at animations, and it is almost impossible to do unless you have a natural gift for it.

So I admire anyone that can have a go and succeed without leaving limbs looking as though they are disjointed or broken. Well done Guaka.

The emotes and sounds are as expected : the usual array of whinnies, snorts and yes - even a stomp, and include looking around, and caressing your owner.

The HUD is laid out in a circle, with the emotes laid out as spokes from the centre, and clicking between the spokes brings up your typical Gorean submissive poses.

Whilst this HUD may not be essential purchasing, it shows what a determined pony is prepared to do to add more depth to pony play.

Let's hope more ponies decide to do the same.

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