Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ponka - Gaya

Beponka Nirvana is a new designer - see, we don’t only cover the old established houses.

So don’t mind the small store in the little strip mall, she’s just getting started.

Gaya, the outfit that grabbed us, is quite good. I think it shows a promising designer well worth keeping an eye on.

The stockings, in particular, look really good. Nice reflections, and a rear seam adds a neat touch.

You can see Beponka's blog at, and have a look at her designs on XStreet.

Another new find this week, Gaya by Ponka, a new label finding it’s way into SL.

In the box you get a good looking top in all three layers, the skirt in 2 layers and a pair of latex stockings.

Finally there is a short prim skirt, the kind i absolutely adore.

The skirt has a good resize script but fitted me with no adjustment at all.

The cut of the outfit is very good and i love the overall look of it especially the big buckles and of course the lovely skirt.

All items are trans so if you ever get bored with it you can always make a newbies day and give them instant credibility.

Name : Ponka
Owner : Beponka Nirvana


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