Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Ancient Tree Kimono Shops - China Ink Black Latex Kimono Short

Malls are like catalogs for us, I told someone recently.

While looking around the Rubber Room mall, we saw this gorgeous latex kimono from Ancient Tree. The full name is China Ink Black Latex Kimono Short - I couldn’t resist :)

We’ve run a latex kimono from Kayliwulf before, but this one has the fancy obi with a bunch of authentic details.

You can also get the traditional sandals, but they’re not included with the kimono. No socks, or the fashion police will pull you over and give you a ticket!

The hanging sleeves look good when your forearms are horizontal.. maybe pick a suitable pose for your AO if you want to wear this outfit to good effect.

Also, do visit the store blog!

For tonight's post we travel to the land of the rising sun and i’m sorry, i like the look but i don’t know much about the traditions or even the names, so please be kind if i get something wrong..

The obi, see the info in Mistress’s bit, has a nice little resize menu which lets you adjust it to show off you waist line.

You get 2 versions of the obi in the kit, the maiko (longtail) and the one i’m wearing the geisha style.

The sky-scraper flip-flops are called Mitsu Ashi getas, the Japanese version of balletboots, that were traditionally worn by the oirans during their formal parade through the pleasure districts where they were confined

The getas have a menu which lets you change the color on them to make them match the colors on your Kimono, and there are loads of colors available.

Like i said i don’t associate kimono’s and getas with D/s or fetish, but i do like the look... *smiles*

Name : The Ancient Tree Kimono Shops
Owner : Solene Hoisan
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Teddy/179/164/25


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