Monday, September 13, 2010

Kayliwulf : Implants Shop and Here Comes Trouble

Under the main towers of Kayliwulf Kingdom, in the center of the island, is the new Implants Shop.

A central point where the outfits and implants themselves (eBoobs and Universal Implants) can be purchased was the motivation for the shop.

The entire Fetishdoll X line will include implant textures eventually - Laz is pulling late nights to make it so.

So what can we expect from Kayliwulf? More focus on the harder/fetishier stuff, as he says, and the implants certainly fit well along those lines.

We heard more, but I won’t tell tales out of school ;) The only gossip I’ll share for now is a surprise appearance of Laz as DJ this Saturday at 3PM SL... We’ll be there!

Ok summer is almost over, it’s time to go back to school... Fetish U in this case. *winks*

There are some fun things in this package:

For one the Implant applier, which gives you barely legal covering of the boobs.

Another thing are the new Kayliwulf Kingdom ballets, ok we featured them before but they are still pretty nice.. *smiles*

Finally there is the plaid skirt, on which you can select the color of the petticoat from an almost endless list of colors.

The set is completed with a pair of socks and a fun little collar with bow, both in the same latexy plaid as the skirt.

Now where did i put that apple for the teacher...

Name : Kayliwulf Kingdom
Owner : Lazarus Luan & Daphne Goodnight


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